What to Expect

Enter my Treatment room for relaxation and a complete healing experience

Before arriving for your first treatment you will be invited to discuss any particular health and well-being concerns that you may have. This is intended to help me determine the type of treatment that will be most beneficial to you and identify any specific areas to focus on. Please note that if you do not wish to disclose this information that’s absolutely fine too.

When you arrive for your first treatment you will be asked to lie down on the therapy bed, or, if it is more comfortable for you, to recline in a more seated position. Depending on the treatment- Reiki and Reflexology treatments are fully clothed just taking shoes off and socks off for Reflexology. Indian head treatments I will get you to put a towel round your top half, leaving your lower garments on. Also using oils in your hair. Swedish Body Massage is the only treatment to get unclothed. I deliver a very respectful treatment using towels and blankets for dignity.

Appointments will last between 30 mins to 1 hour in total. Depending on the consultation and what we agreed on. After your treatment I will go through after care advising you on how to most benefit from the treatment. You will leave feeling more refreshed and happy.