When you look at this picture above you can not help but feel an overwhelming sense of calmness and balance. Take a deep breath and relax. Let the stresses of the the day wash over you. This might help for a moment but with the stresses of the world it is important to have some sort of relaxation in our lives on a constant basis.

As we are all starting to realise stress has a negative effect on the body, mind and spirit. Science and research are beginning to back this up with studies showing stress causing a number of problems on our overall well being and health. Stress is related to fight or flight, this is when we get into survival mode. When we do, the heart rate rises and blood pressure shoots up, muscles tighten and contract, immunity and digestion go out of wack. Staying in stress for long amount of periods is very dangerous for the body. Relaxation and controlled breathing on the other hand gives us a state of rest, enabling peace, enjoyment and physical renewal.

I offer many different relaxation and meditation techniques to help with this process of inner peace and well being. The many meditation styles I work with, essentially have similar benefits on the body, mind and heart. I will not only guide you through relaxation and meditation, you will also learn specific techniques such as (Guided imagery, breathing techniques etc) that you can use at any time. You can be your own master, taking control of your own life.

The benefits of Meditation 

Increased Immunity

Emotional Balance

Reduces Stress

Lowers Blood Pressure

Increases your sense of well being

Improves focus and concentration

Improves memory

Helps overcome Addictions

Reduces Physical and emotional pain

Increases your sense of connected-ness and Empathy

Takes you towards enlightenment.

Class sessions will start in May 2019


  1 hour  individual  £15

 1 hour  class session   £7

7 x 1 hour class sessions  £42

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