Indian Head Massage

Indian head massage is a stimulating, yet relaxing massage. A traditional therapy that was used by Indian women for over 1000 years to keep the condition of their long hair. This therapy has developed into a deeply relaxing and therapeutic massage that uses specific massage techniques on the head i.e. the scalp, face and ears. Also incorporated in the treatment are the neck, shoulders, upper back and arms and hands.

It helps to eliminate the effects of stress and encourage a general sense of balance, calm and wellbeing.
An Indian head massage lasts for approximately 40 minutes to 1 hour and is performed on an ordinary chair or special chair designed for this treatment. It can be carried out fully dressed, however I perform this treatment with a towel wrapped round the upper body so you can enjoy the benefits of the oils or creams and go deeper into the muscles. Also to obtain the full benefits of the treatment oils are used to stimulate hair growth, so be ready to go home with oils in your hair.

The benefits of Indian Head Massage

Improves skin and muscle tone

Removes toxins

Relieves eye strain

Improves concentration levels, memory and mental alertness

Improves circulation

Improves scalp and hair conditions

Relieves headaches, neck, back and shoulder ache

Relieve stress and muscle tension


Accredited by the Institute of International Health & Holistic Therapies.